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(译文) 拯救我们计算的未来

Thomas Hintz

Creator of 3L Project

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Stagefright, heartbleed, GHOST, VENOM. What do these have in common? They are recent serious security vulnerabilities that could have easily been prevented.

StagefrightHeartbleedGHOSTVENOM,这些有何共同点? 它们是最近出现的严重的安全漏洞,这些本来都是可以很容易地加以预防的。


As more computers are connected to the internet and more personal information and money moves online security becomes ever more important. Vulnerabilities are going to become more and more costly. We must start investing in the future now before things get out of hand. As programmers, do we want to spend our time playing catch-up with the crackers or building new and better software? We must start using the tools we have and invest in new tools that enable us to continue building the things we want and the world needs and stop wasting time playing whack-a-mole.

随着更多的计算机连入互联网,更多的个人信息和金钱转到线上,安全也就变得愈发重要。 漏洞会变得越来越昂贵。我们必须从现在开始对未来进行投资,以免事情失去控制。 作为程序员,我们是想将时间花在与黑客玩猫捉老鼠上,还是去构建新的更好的软件呢? 我们必须开始使用我们已有的工具,并投身于新的工具,以使我们能够持续构建我们想要的以及世界所需要的东西, 不要浪费时间在玩打地鼠上面了。



Creator of Crazydan Studio
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  • 应用接口性能监控及分析:调用路径、逻辑关系、CPU消耗、内存使用、执行时间、随应用生命周期全程记录和保存并可复查、对应用影响极小、
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